[Download] 싸이 (PSY) – 싸이6甲 (Psy’s Best Sixth) Part.1 Album (July 15, 2012)

Finally this album released! I’m a huge fan of Psy (since I saw his performance on Melon Awards 2010, wow it’s so amazing! There’s no idol who can give his all-out like him ^^) and I wanna share this too.

싸이 (PSY) – 싸이6甲 Part.1
Release Date : 2012.07.15
Genre :  Rap, Hip-Hop
Language : Korean

Track list:

01. 청개구리 (Tree Frog) (Feat. G-Dragon)
02. 뜨거운 안녕 (Passionate Goodbye) (Feat. 성시경(Sung Shi Kyung))
03. 강남스타일 (Gangnam Style)
04. 77학개론 (Seventy Seven 101) (Feat. 리쌍(Leessang), 김진표(Kim Jin Pyo))
05. 어땠을까 (What Should Have Been) (Feat. 박정현(Park Jung Hyun))
06. Never Say Goodbye (Feat. 윤도현(Yoon Do Hyun))


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11 thoughts on “[Download] 싸이 (PSY) – 싸이6甲 (Psy’s Best Sixth) Part.1 Album (July 15, 2012)

  1. Iceeeel! sorry yak baru bales :)
    ada 2 versi, yang satu PSYCHO yang satu lagi Rolled-up Newspaper
    tapi yang sering aku denger yg PSYCHO eheuheu. aku juga make nya PSYCHO si :9

  2. I have absolutely no idea what anyone is saying. :/

    This has even reached South Africa. My brother showed me the Gangnam Style video on Youtube, just as something really funny but awesome to watch. We laughed but I couldn’t stop watching and now I’m enjoying the music!
    I’m also really impressed by the choreography which PSY orchestrated himself. If I ever heard Gangnam Style in a club I’d pull those moves! :D

    I’m listening to the other tracks now and I think they’ll have to grow on me, very different to what I’ve heard from him (which is only one track!). Which of his other albums would you recommend?

    • hmm my favorite song PSY – Passionate Goodbye (ft Sung Si Kyung) & PSY – What Should Have Been (Feat.Park Jung Hyun), my recommended track 2, track 3, track 5 & track 6 but all the songs is great and easy listening, trust me.. enjoy listening =)

Komen donk :D

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